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A new golden age within everyone’s reach

The Goldenwall collection reconfirms a precious dream come true, a contemporary golden age within everyone’s reach.

Imposing wide planks for optical width: OAK Select Wide-Plank, brushed, natural oil

Originally an art school in Germany in the early 1900s the Bauhaus movement held the idea that all art and technology would be unified under the idea of simplistic design and mass-production.

Lithotech®, the 12 mm thick large-format technical sintered stone from Livingceramics

Lithotech® is a high-performance technical sintered stone that is produced by using an ultra-compaction technique on raw materials then applying a heat treatment process at very high temperatures up to 1200º. The synergy between the consistency and elegant colour of Lithotech® gives rise to a surface that is unbeatable when it comes to hygiene, resistance and design.